Promising electrodeposited biocompatible coatings for steel

Our colleagues: Paulina Trzaskowska Ph.D. Eng., Katarzyna Tokarska Ph.D. Eng., prof. Elżbieta Malinowska and prof. Tomasz Ciach published results of their research in the paper entitled „Promising electrodeposited biocompatible coatings for steel obtained from polymerized microemulsions” in Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects (IF=3.131).

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More power from thermoelectricity – pulse mode of operation

Top ranked Nano Energy journal (IF: 15.46) publishes paper authored by Maciej Haras Ph.D. Eng. and prof. Tomasz Skotnicki !

Haras, M. Markiewicz, S. Monfray, and T. Skotnicki, “Pulse mode of operation – A new booster of TEG, improving power up to X2.7 – to better fit IoT requirements”, Nano Energy, p. 104204, Oct. 2019, doi:

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Thermoelectricity for IoT – A review

High-ranked Nano Energy journal publishes paper authored by Maciej Haras Ph.D. and prof. Thomas Skotnicki, titled: “Thermoelectricity for IoT – A review”

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Development and manufacturing of fluidic microsystem in CEZAMAT

We are able to design and execute many types of microfluidic devices and systems, and to build the necessary hardware and laboratory infrastructure for this type of equipment. Development of new solutions is carried out in full scope – from computer-aided design through design, prototype development to ready-to-use solution.

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